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Looking up

I struggle with photography these days. I’d like to do more if it, but can’t seem to find worthy subjects. Photographing the everyday things feels boring. I love to travel and take photos, but there’s not much opportunity for that these days, and pretty soon it’s going to go down to zero for a while. But I read recently something that deeply resonated with me – your everyday life, no matter where you live, is foreign or even exotic to someone else.

I live in Sydney – a dream travel destination for many. While living here isn’t all sunshine and surf — I spend most of the time within a few miles radius of my house, in my non-beach suburb — it’s still pretty good. There’s beautiful greenery and my beloved palm trees, the weather is fabulous most of the year, and I do get to go the beach, often every week. So I’m going to try to get over the fact that I’m photographing the same things a lot, and focus on photographing my everyday with purpose.

Lately we’ve been blessed with amazing sunsets, full of warm light, and incredible colors. This was one of those days, when I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and snapping a few pictures in my backyard. All it took to find inspiration, was to look up.

And after a few minutes sky turned orange during this glorious sunset.

By Ola Bodera

Theme Wrangler, photographer, food blogger, and science-fiction fun.

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