iPhone Landscape

Dee Why

Dee Why you ask? No idea 🙂 Sources point to a note made by an early explorer in his notebook, where he marked the spot as ‘Dy’.

Evening at the stunning Dee Why. It’s a beach a few kilometers north of Manly (one of the two iconic Sydney beaches). Frequented more by locals then tourists, it’s much smaller then Manly, but has some really nice features — two playgrounds for kids, a large grassy field perfect for picnics or games (pictured 😉 ), a bike path, golf course next door, ocean pool, cafes and restaurants, and last but not least amazing views all around.

This image was taken with iPhone X, edited in Lightroom CC, my new fave app ❤

By Ola Bodera

Theme Wrangler, photographer, food blogger, and science-fiction fun.

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