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Photo challenge: Five


A sample of my food photography props. I left 95% of my props back in Poland, and I’m slowly building my collection back up. More intentionally this time around. Old cutlery is my soft spot though, so I already acquired a fair number of quirky forks and spoons. Hopefully I can carve out some time for actual food photography soon too.

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Photo challenge: Chaos

This week’s  52 frames photo challenge is titled “chaos”. My first instinct was to just snap a photo of my kitchen (or desk), but ain’t nobody wants to see that 🙂 After discarding that idea, I drew a blank. The word “chaos” is used casually quite a lot, but according to, chaos is:

a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order

which made me realize I can easily think of things that are messy, or cluttered, or random, but not truly chaotic. I was determined to come up with something though, so I decided to create my own chaos. Armed with paint samples and MDF board, I made this food photography background. I know it doesn’t look like much up close, but trust me, it will work nicely blurred in the distance.


I’ll probably create a few more of those too, cause it was a lot of fun, and does not require any art skills whatsoever. 😉

Food Photo Challenge Still life

Photo challenge: Texture

I’m not into photo communities, since most of them turn out to be way too competitive for me, but I do like a challenge 🙂 So I decided to loosely follow 52 Frames weekly challenges, and post the photos here.

This week the challenge was to capture texture. Initially I drew a blank, but then I noticed this wonderfully scaly, imperfect avocado sitting in my fruit basket on the counter. I tried to capture that rough texture, and subtle green-to-purple color gradient of the skin as best as I could.

This picture was taken with Fuji XT2, 60mm f 2.4, exposure 1/30 sec, ISO 800.

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Photo Challenge: Liquid

This weeks photo challenge prompt – liquid – got me a bit by surprise, but when I started digging thorough my hard drive I found this pic. One of the rare decent photos from a plane – Øresund Bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen.

Photo Challenge

Photo challenge: Smile

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Smile

For this week’s challenge, point your camera at something or someone that puts a smile on our face (or just show a smiling face).

One thing that always makes me stop and smile are cockatoos. I guess I never thought I’d get to live in a place where these birds are so common, and I’m reminded of that every time I see a cockatoo. These magnificent, white birds are very intelligent, social, and cheeky! Their calls are very loud, and they sound rather screechy. If you see one, there’s a good chance another one is close by. Sometimes you spot one on a tree, and when you look closely, there’s a whole bunch of them there!

Fun fact: a flock of parrots is called pandemonium. Pretty accurate if you ask me 😉