Blue Kingdom

During (way overdue) cleanup of my hard drive, I uncovered a couple of photos from Disneyland from last year. Some turned out really well! I only had one day for sightseeing, so had to decide which park to visit, and landed on Magic Kingdom. Aside from “The Happiest Place on Earth” message being pushed a little too hard at times (or maybe it’s just the Grinch in me), the whole experience was really fun and immersive — 10/10 would go again!

Autumn light

We’re well into autumn now, but it can be hard to tell most days, with sunny, blue skies, and evergreen trees and shrubs. There isn’t much of those gorgeous reds and oranges from the falling leaves. But if you look closely, particularly at sunset, you’ll catch a glimpse of that unmistakably warm, autumn light.

Dee Why

Dee Why you ask? No idea 🙂 Sources point to a note made by an early explorer in his notebook, where he marked the spot as ‘Dy’.

Evening at the stunning Dee Why. It’s a beach a few kilometers north of Manly (one of the two iconic Sydney beaches). Frequented more by locals then tourists, it’s much smaller then Manly, but has some really nice features — two playgrounds for kids, a large grassy field perfect for picnics or games (pictured 😉 ), a bike path, golf course next door, ocean pool, cafes and restaurants, and last but not least amazing views all around.

This image was taken with iPhone X, edited in Lightroom CC, my new fave app ❤

Looking up

I struggle with photography these days. I’d like to do more if it, but can’t seem to find worthy subjects. Photographing the everyday things feels boring. I love to travel and take photos, but there’s not much opportunity for that these days, and pretty soon it’s going to go down to zero for a while. But I read recently something that deeply resonated with me – your everyday life, no matter where you live, is foreign or even exotic to someone else.

I live in Sydney – a dream travel destination for many. While living here isn’t all sunshine and surf — I spend most of the time within a few miles radius of my house, in my non-beach suburb — it’s still pretty good. There’s beautiful greenery and my beloved palm trees, the weather is fabulous most of the year, and I do get to go the beach, often every week. So I’m going to try to get over the fact that I’m photographing the same things a lot, and focus on photographing my everyday with purpose.

Lately we’ve been blessed with amazing sunsets, full of warm light, and incredible colors. This was one of those days, when I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and snapping a few pictures in my backyard. All it took to find inspiration, was to look up.

And after a few minutes sky turned orange during this glorious sunset.

Photo challenge: Five


A sample of my food photography props. I left 95% of my props back in Poland, and I’m slowly building my collection back up. More intentionally this time around. Old cutlery is my soft spot though, so I already acquired a fair number of quirky forks and spoons. Hopefully I can carve out some time for actual food photography soon too.

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